Artist Statement / Bio


By reading science fiction, we can see that the “construction of the future usually involves projecting certain aspects of the present along straight linesto the point of their logical conclusions. Thus, no matter how bizarre orfantastic a future we may be shown, we can trace it back to the present.” (Peter J Reed). 

When envisioning the future, the concerns of the present are revealed. By reading the classic novels of science fiction, one can gain insight into how the visionaries of past generations viewed the future that we currently experience, and how we seldom follow such direct courses of progress. From a past perspective, how distant are we from the society described in Brave New World,or for that matter The Jetsons?

Isaac Asimov described modern science fiction as “the only form of literature that consistently considers the nature of the changes that face us.” And in this age it is by our own hand, through advances in science and technology, that we initiate most of the change we experience, as technological advances constantly reshape what we imagine to be possible. Considering science fiction means thinking about our own future, opening our minds by imagining what is possible, and anticipating how future technological advances could affect us socially and mentally.

The narrative present in my work depicts the runaway growth of mysterious, abstract forms within a reality that shifts between ideally planned fictional futures, the illusion of logical governing patterns, and the detailed, actual landscape of real life. This is my attempt to portray the sense of mystery, wonder, and confusion that not only characterize science fiction, but also is rapidly making its way into our own modern realities.


Originallyfrom Indiana, AJ Nafziger received his BFA from the University of Indianapolisand his MFA from Arizona State University. Upon graduation, he moved fromPhoenix to London, and recently relocated back to the midwest to Chicagowhere he creates his artwork while working as an artconservator. Nafziger's work has been exhibited throughout the UnitedStates, is included in public and private collections, and has been featured inpublications such as Studio Visit Magazine, Artist Portfolio Magazine, ArtMazeMagazine, and Made in Mind Magazine.